SOS Acid Ocean Event Generates Worldwide Media Coverage

sosIn 2009, support from the Oak Foundation enabled Global Ocean Health to produce the “SOS Acid Ocean” event in Homer Alaska (pictured right), a collaborative undertaking by a team of fishermen, skilled conservation advocates, and communications professionals. Hundreds of mariners including commercial fishing captains, work boat and yacht owners, and kayakers participated to spell out a message to the world: SOS ACID OCEAN. The GOH team organized an unprecedented initiative to confront this crisis, engaging the production team led by environmental artist John Quigley, local organizers from the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, and diverse and respected fisheries leaders in Washington and Alaska to speak on camera. This event generated worldwide media coverage, reaching many people who had yet to hear the words “ocean acidification.”

Bringing international attention to this previously unknown issue, we produced powerful photos and video footage, compelling interviews, and an enduring visual symbol that is still circulated by educators, scientists, and concerned citizens around the world.

Ocean Acidification from NFCC on Vimeo.


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