Terrie Klinger

Klinger KBBuilding Bridges Between Scientists and Industry in Washington State

Dr. Terrie Klinger, Associate Professor in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington and Co-director of the Washington Ocean Acidification Center, first met Brad Warren of Global Ocean Health (GOH) in 2008. Their paths crossed many times, and she recognized the value of his work. “Brad is a person who builds bridges,” says Klinger. “He has a long history of working with the fishing community and actively works with several tribes and with the scientific community.”

Klinger served with Brad on Washington’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification (OA) in 2012. She recalls how Brad played “an important role in establishing the panel,” transforming it from an idea into a reality. “When Ron Sims spoke at the Washington Sea Grant Ocean Acidification Symposium in November 2011, he challenged us to provide clear actionable advice on OA. Many of us realized immediately that we had been given an opportunity, but it was Brad who seized that opportunity and started to put pieces in place.”

Serving on the panel together, Klinger noticed that “one of Brad’s great strengths is his neutrality: he brings people together in a very balanced, impartial way.” Brad and the rest of the team at GOH take great care to act in this way, respecting the diverse needs and concern of stakeholders and bringing them together to find solutions.

One way GOH does this is by bridging the gap “between the marine science community and others concerned with the marine environment,” Klinger explains. “Working with Brad and his colleagues has enriched my research and provided a better understanding of the needs of shellfish growers and fishermen. From him I’ve learned what is important to the industry, what their concerns are, and how they can contribute to solutions.”

GOH is excited to continue working with Klinger as she and Dr. Jan Newton initiate projects through the Washington Ocean Acidification Center, and it sounds like Klinger shares this excitement. “Brad is very effective in his work, and we’re really lucky to have him as a partner.”

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