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 “The Buzz on Blue Carbon: an Introduction to Blue Carbon Concepts & Opportunities.” Get the basics on what blue carbon is, why it’s important, and what the opportunities are to benefit coastal protection and restoration needs. Participants will learn:

• Why blue carbon is important for restoration efforts
• Blue Carbon science – How effective coastal systems are at removing and storing carbon from the atmosphere; climate impacts of degraded habitats; and findings from a study in Puget Sound demonstrating the carbon benefits of restoration
• Markets and standards – How carbon markets work and what the opportunity is for wetland carbon finance
• How carbon projects are developed and what the requirements are to generate carbon credits for coastal wetland restoration activities
• Blue Carbon priorities going forward

NOAA, Sharing Ocean Acidification Resources for Communicators & Educators (SOARCE) – a monthly series of webinars with some of the stars of the field participating.


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The Science of Sustainable Fisheries, from UW

National Fisheries Conservation Center

News stream provided by the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre

NOAA Ocean Acidification Research Page

NOAA PMEL Ocean Acidification Page

NSF Ocean Acidification Page

Washington Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification

California Current Acidification Network

EPOCA Blog, information outlet of the European Project on Ocean Acidification

UK Ocean Acidification Research Program

NANOOS Ocean Acidification Website

NIWA Acid Test

The IAEA Ocean Acidification Resources Page

Reef Resilience Toolkit: Managing for Ocean Acidification

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