If you’ve heard of ocean acidification (OA), you know that people who depend on healthy seas for a living have a lot at stake. We provide the tools and knowledge they need to protect their livelihoods, seafood supplies that feed billions, and the ocean itself.

No one wants to be a canary in a coalmine, but seafood lovers and harvesters are fortunate that the first people to meet serious trouble from this consequence of carbon pollution—at least the first to know it—were shellfish growers on the West Coast of North America. When corrosive waters began killing their new-hatched oysters, these resourceful producers survived to warn the world. We know because they called on us to help.

Their narrow escape inspired shellfish growers, fishermen, and Native tribes in Washington state to champion our proposal to establish what became the first comprehensive government strategy to adapt to, remediate, and combat ocean acidification. The region’s path-breaking approach has inspired initiatives to reduce harm and tackle OA from British Columbia to Maine to New Zealand. Today lessons and know-how from the “front lines” of humanity’s encounter with acidification are employed by partners around the world. Find out how you can help.


Getting the Story of Ocean Acidification to Those Who Need It Most